Founded in 1991 in Southern California, we operated our business, formerly called Magnetics Test Lab, inside of a garage. We provided testing for magnetic cores and small gapping orders. Still located in Southern California, we have grown into MTL Distribution situated on a 10,000 square-foot lot, with more than 2 million dollars worth of inventory. We remain a small, woman-owned enterprise.



As a wholesale distributor of magnetic cores and its supporting hardware, we offer a wide variety of products from powder, ferrite, strip wound to iron powder cores. We are an authorized distributor for both Magnetics® and Micrometals®. Our in-house machinery allows us to meet most gapping specifications and faster lead times. We also offer assistance with alternatives for rare or obsolete parts. We are a small business with more than 20 years of experience in the magnetics industry, so let our friendly staff help you today!